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Hunza valley is situated on the Karakoram Highway, a 100 km north of Gilgit city. The valley has become a hotspot for tourists over the last decade, with hotels being full during the summer season.
It is flanked on all sides by huge mountains such as Rakaposhi and Ultar Sar. The entirety of Hunza valley presents magnificent autumn colours and spring blossoms.
The people of the valley are renowned for their hospitality and beauty. Majority of the people profess the Ismaili faith and the languages spoken are Shina, Wakhi and Burushaski.


Karimabad is most famous settlement in Hunza Valley and offers spectacular views of the surrounding peaks. It is home to the famous Altit and Baltit forts. In recent years, local youth of Karimabad has ventured into opening high quality cafes modeled along the lines of those in big cities of Pakistan like Lahore and Karachi. Local cuisine and handicraft are also two things people really enjoy in Hunza, but more so in Karimabad particularly.
It is truly one of those places that is worth visiting again and again – you never get satisfied!

Attabad Lake

Attabad lake was formed as a result of a landslide in Attabad village, north of Karimabad en route to Khunjerab. The lake has become a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful turquoise colour and ease of accessibility as it lies next to the Karakorum Highway. Boating and jet skiing are popular activities on the lake.

Borith Lake

Borith lake is situated in Gojal, Upper Hunza. It is a spring-fed lake and many migratory birds visit it during the winter months. The lake looks most beautiful around sunrise and sunset.


The Nagar District lies to the east of Hunza is a picturesque valley. It is a former princely state that was captured by the British in 1891 in order to further their colonial designs against the Czarist Russia. It is the gateway to the Hisper and Hopper Glaciers.
It offers breathtaking views of Malubiting, Spantik Sosbun (Golden Peak) and Ultar Sar. The fall season in Nagar valley is simply out of this world!

Rush Lake

Rush lake is the highest lake of Pakistan and ranks as the 25th highest in the world at an elevation of approximately 4,700 m. The trek to the lake is considered by all but the most experienced trekkers as being a difficult one. However, those who do opt to trek their way to the the lake find it perfectly worth it since it offers breathtaking views of the Nagar and Hunza valleys, along with memorable views of Spantik and Malubiting peaks.


Passu is a small village north of Karimabad, Hunza. It is famed for what is known as the Passu Cathedral, a group of pointed rocky peaks towering almost 6,000 m. Passu Glacier can also be seen from the KKH. The village offers stunning views and is close to the famour Husseini bridge of Husseini village.


Khunjerab is northernmost part of Hunza valley, and is the border crossing into Xinjiang, China. At an elevation of 4,733 m, it is touted as the highest border crossing in the world. It can be reached from Karimabad via the Karakoram Highway in roughly 3 to 4 hours’ time.

Shimshal Valley

Shimshal Velly Situated east of the Karakorum Highway in Upper Hunza, Shimshal valley has not been explored by local tourists as much as other places of the valley. Shimshal is also called the Little Pamir. Exploration of the valley requires long jeep rides and arduous trekking, but definitely worth the visit!