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Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir

Kashmir is a heavenly abode which requires no introduction. Famous all over the world for its lush green valleys, mesmerizing lakes and high mountains, it is definitely on the bucket list of every mountain lover! It regularly features in the list of top travel destinations around the world.

Ratti Gali Lake

An alpine glacial lake situated in the Neelum valley of Azad Kashmir, Ratti Gali is a lake that captivates the hearts and minds of whoever visits it! It is at an elevation of roughly 3,700 m and can be accessed via jeep ride from the small town of Doarian. The lake becomes frozen during the winters, while in the summers it is fed by the waters of surrounding glaciers. There are more lakes near Ratti Gali which are beautiful in their own right, such as the Gattiyan Lake and the Saral Lake.

Kel/Arang Kel

The village of Kel is situated in the Upper Neelum valley, characterized by dense cedar trees and spruces on high mountain slopes. However, the real gem of the Upper Neelum Valley is Arang Kel, also called the “Pearl of Neelum”. It is a beautiful village with green pastures and pine trees adorning the surrounding mountain slopes, while wooden huts and cattle adorn the meadows. It lies at an elevation of 2,554 m and shows spectacular views of the Toshe Ri Peak. If you ever visit Azad Kashmir, don’t forget to spend a night or two at Arang Kel!


– Taobat is the last settlement in Azad Kashmir, and lies just north of the famous Gurez valley in India Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. It is here that the Kishanganga River enters into Pakistan and is renamed the Neelum River. High mountains, a raging river, wooden huts and lush green mountain slopes feature most prominently in this stunning piece of landscape. Although remote and mostly inaccessible (in winters), Taobat is becoming more popular among tourists in recent years due to its unparalleled beauty.

Shounter Valley

Shounter valley is located in the Upper Neelum valley, lying north-west of Kel. It can be accessed via jeep ride from Kel. Just like the rest of Kashmir, Shounter valley also has lush green mountain slopes and snow-clad peaks. Major tourist attractions in the valley are the Shounter Lake (3,100 m), the Chitta Katha Lake (4,100 m) and the Shounter Pass (4,420 m) which takes you down to Rattu, in Gilgit-Baltistan. Shounter valley is a haven for people who love to trek and camp.