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Dir is a small town located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It lies just north of the Dir River, which happens to be an affluent of Panjkora. It can be accessed via Malakand from the south and via Chitral through the Lowari Tunnel from the north. The town is said to be founded by a holy man named Mullah Ilyas.

Kumrat Valley

The Kumrat valley is often touted as the hidden gem of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. High mountains, pine trees, waterfalls and fast-flowing rivulets grace the valley. Up until a few years ago, Kumrat was relatively unknown to tourists owing to a tense security situation and poor infrastructure. However, thanks to the strenuous efforts of the Pakistani State, the area now welcomes tourists with arms wide open.
Kumrat presents exceptional scenic views to its visitors. It has the famous Katora Lake, a few hours’ trek from the Jahaz Banda Meadows, which are spectacular in their own right. Kumrat also connects with Utror in Swat via the Badgoi Pass, and with Laspur in Chitral via the Thallo Pass. It is a heavenly place for all kinds of tourists and climbers, adventure-seekers and mountain lovers.